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[Edit: As of this edit, it’s been almost a year that Donald Trump has been president, while the site is celebrating a year and a half at this point. This isn’t a new thing, you just haven’t heard about it until now. Ask yourself why that is.]

Antitrump.com is a News/Media Company founded in conjunction with the Westburner Baptist Church. We are dedicated to blasting past the false narratives we are being fed by the Mainstream Media and organizations colluding to bury the truth of the story to spin it for their own purposes, whether it be ratings, money, or something even more sinister.

The “Alt-Right” and  the radical leftist “Antifa” are creating so much hate, noise and havoc that it misses the larger point: this Administration skims over news that makes them look bad, while at the same time not getting credit for their actual horrible real-world achievements. Liberal news sources demonize the President over  the tiniest thing, while Conservative sources protect him from all wrongdoing. The truth is a whisper lost between the outrageous claims from the echo-chambers on both sides. Well. Not anymore.

Trump is the richest and most powerful man (by a number of standards) to ever hold the US presidency. We have an expectation as citizens of the country that in this role he would use his wealth and authority to do good. We are “The Greatest Nation on Earth” and yet so many of our veterans go without treatment and live on the streets, contributing to an already existing homeless population. Antitrump is not political. We are not against the presidency. We are against the ethics of the brand. Antitrump seeks to be just as rich and powerful as the president, and show ethical integrity in every aspect that Trump doesn’t.

We are not about hate. We are about truth. We want to help our country, our homeless and our veterans by re-purposing abandoned commercial buildings into full-service homeless shelters. Also we publish current events from an unbiased perspective.

If you are interested in working for or partnering with our team, please contact antitrumponline@gmail.com
We have a lot to do.

There’s a world’s worth of work
and a need for you.

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