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Antitrump.com is a News/Media Company founded in conjunction with the Westburner Baptist Church. We are dedicated to blasting past the false narratives we are being fed by the Mainstream Media and organizations colluding to bury the truth of the story to spin it for their own purposes, whether it be ratings, money, or something even more sinister.

Conservative news sources and this Administration skim over news that makes their political party look bad. Liberal news sources demonize the President over  the tiniest thing. The truth is a whisper lost between the outrageous claims of the echo-chambers on both sides. Not anymore.

We strive to not only bring you the truth, but to help our country and community by re-purposing abandoned commercial buildings into full-service homeless shelters for our veterans.

If you are interested in working for or partnering with our team, please contact Thedon@Antitrump.com

Please direct all press inquiries to Theben@Antitrump.com

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