“Controversial” Free Speech Rally Canceled In San Francisco After Antifa Labels It “White Supremacist Rally”

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This isn’t about politics. This is about having principles and doing what you believe is right.

Organizers of the Patriot Prayer Free Speech Rally canceled the event this Friday after local leaders warned the community that it was a “White Supremacist” Rally.

The claims come on the heels of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee lobbying the National Park Service to deny the group a permit, after which he urged Bay Area residents to “attend other events” instead.

Naturally, counter protesters took this as an opportunity to completely ignore that the Southern Poverty Law Center (which tracks hate groups) not only does not classify Patriot Prayer as a hate group, but reports on its website that Joey Gibson, leader of the movement, denounced both neo-nazis and white supremacy at a rally in Seattle earlier this month. Go figure.

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In fact, Joey Gibson’s group has been steadfast in their openness to dialogue, respect, and national unity at these events. Neither Joey Gibson nor Patriot Prayer has been involved with ANY of the neo-nazi rallies in Boston or Virginia (nor any other state for that matter) and in fact, while attempting to engage in dialogue with the Antifa black-bloc protesters at the Evergreen State College was injured by a bottle thrown at his face. His response: The exact thing you would expect from a Nazi sympathizer. He… walked… away?
He’s also on video stating he’s neither sympathetic to the Nazi cause and also not “white” as he is Latino.

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Mayor Lee’s urging to focus on “inclusion, compassion and love rather than hate” was then somehow mistranslated into a call by a local artist for people to take their dogs for a walk in the park and forget to the bring anything to pick that mess up with.

Coincidentally, officials in Berkeley caught wind of this and denied the “No to Marxism” group their rally permit this weekend as well. Because Marxism is apparently cool now.

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