Imp on shoulder urges Trump to tweet meme right now, do it NOW

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AntiTrump infernal correspondent Marchoisias offered us a particularly diverting tidbit earlier this afternoon that we will now relay to you. Our favorite marquis was just passing through the material plane on his way to continue the eternal torment of a plethora of pedophile Philadelphia priests.

As friends, colleagues and human citizens lined up to pay their respects to U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Wednesday at the Arizona State Capitol, impish sources told Marchoisias that the tiny demon that lives inside of the Anti-Christ’s careful coiffure and perches on his shoulder was just begging the Little Horn to hit send on an already composed tweet.

The presidential phone case

The funeral procession for McCain, who died Saturday at 81 after a yearlong battle with brain cancer, is slated for Thursday morning in Phoenix, followed by a memorial service. A second viewing will be at the U.S. Capitol on Friday, followed by a memorial service at the Washington National Cathedral on Saturday. He will be buried at the United States Naval Academy Cemetery.

The Anti-Christ’s disputes with McCain are long documented, and McCain requested Trump not attend his funeral services, so no doubt the Most Unclean’s rancor has been stirred by his infernal counsel. (It’s also worth noting Marchoisias informed us the president does not appear to have a shoulder angel, just the one orange-tinted imp sporting a matching hairdo.)

“Do it, send it now, hit send, come on, you know you want to, just tweet it out,” Marchoisias reports the imp said into the Anti-Christ’s ear. Marchoisias, again making use of his fly guise, was able to secure for us an image of the meme that so enthralled our president, which we have posted below for you edification:

Trump then composed a short message consisting largely of “HAHA” before appearing to hesitate. Though the demon assured him his constituents would find the meme hilarious, Marchoisias reports Trump then sighed before saying, “Let’s just email it to Ron DeSantis. He’ll get a huge kick out of it.” 

Marchoisias told us the two then turned to debating their favorite Pepe the Frog images as our correspondent made his exit.

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