November 2017 Giftaway Sticker Raffle!

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November 2017 Giftaway Sticker Raffle

Announcing our November 2017 Giftaway Sticker Raffle!

First, let me thank everyone who participated in the Sticker Giftaway! We received over a thousand requests for stickers from all over the world, and are working hard to get the packages addressed and out to everyone. (If you made it before the Nov 6th deadline, your stickers will be arriving within the next week or two.)

We’re also having an end of the month November 2017 Giftaway Sticker Raffle! Fill out your entry on our google form here to win a prize pack full of stickers and other goodies! (We do not sell your information to anyone vis a vis the 1974 Privacy Act. All information kept in the strictest of confidence)

Don’t forget we are also holding our Monthly Contest for the best sticker photos! Just post your sticker photo to any of our social media accounts (listed below) with the hashtags #antitrump AND #sticker. The best photos will be posted on the site and will win a prize pack!

And don’t forget to include BOTH hashtags to be included for the contest (and so we can know when you’ve posted it! Hashtags help us keep track of entries that may not have publicly followed our accounts. But be sure to follow us anyway on whatever social media platform you use to stay up to date on all the latest news!

Of course, you could always show your support by buying directly from our store. 😉
(Larger or international orders please contact us at so we can accomodate your request.)


November 2017 Giftaway Sticker Raffle

November 2017 Giftaway Sticker Raffle







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