REAL NEWS ALERT! Houston, other parts of Texas MASSIVELY FLOODED

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Houston, Tx – Four days ago, the pro-tem Mayor of Rockport, Tx suggested that people staying in the hurricane zones write their social security number on their arm in permanent marker so the bodies can be identified. Tonight, Texas residents are on high alert tonight as Flood Warnings go off across the state, even as the gale-force winds die down.

US Geological Sensors for the BrazosBarker and Addick damns are all reading record levels and/or have gone offline, indicating NOTHING GOOD for the people of Texas, with many sensors reading well above flood levels. I’d make a joke about their “Everything is bigger in Texas” motto, but Sam Houston may have been wrong when he said Texas had “yet to learn submission to any oppression, come what source it may.”

Surely, there is tragedy in Texas tonight.

This water-data chart shows the output of USGS stations monitoring the streamflow, but that doesn’t nearly have the impact that a visual representation of the flooding does:

Before/After pics of the flooding in Houston

Of course, for some people live camera footage of the event is the only thing going to convince them the state needs serious help. A lot of that can be found on the mainstream news, but here is a list of live web feeds:

Weatherbug Houston local cameras

Ustream Barker-Cypress Rd LiveCam

Houston Transit Authority Transtar’s KATY Cameras

Sugarland Weather Cam

Even though Harvey may have changed direction, things aren’t over as he heads back into the water (where he may pick up speed and ferocity) and then up to Galveston, all of whose WebCams appear to be offline.

Well, at least the majority of homes insured by the National Flood Insurance Program are in Texas and Florida. I only hope the policy papers weren’t washed away with the house.

God Bless everyone caught in the floodwaters. We are all praying for your safe harbour.
People on the Texas coast: Please don’t be stupid. Get as many people as you can in your car and get inland. Take as many people as you can with you. Everyone else: There’s LOTS of ways to help.

They need Food, Water, Shelter, Blood and Time. Give what you can. The locals are charging an arm and a leg… or more.

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