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Antitrump.com Sticker Gift-a-way!

UPDATE (11/6/17): Due to a TREMENDOUS response, we are out of free stickers to give away, but you can still get some stickers by ordering them through our store at store.antitrump.com! For larger bulk orders, or just to send some support, please contact us directly at antitrumponline@gmail.com.

We are gifting away hundreds of free antitrump.com stickers for the next 2 weeks!
All you need to do to get yours is tell us who you are and where you want it sent.

Stickers will be gifted on a first come, first serve basis until they’re gone. We reserve the right to limit requests in order to accommodate all requests.

If the link to the form below is still working, there’s still stickers left.
Request yours on our google form here!

I know, it's blurry.










Some people have asked if they can donate to our cause! The answer is Of Course!
Donations are currently payable through this link. While we cannot give more favorable treatment to donors in the practice of gifting, we greatly appreciate your commitment.

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