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Who Is Donald Trump?

Who IS Donald Trump?

Donald Trump’s story begins with his great-grandparents, Ana Marie Anton and Philip Christ. Their Daughter, Elizabeth Christ Trump, was Donald’s Grandmother and the original Matriarch of the Trump Family. She created the family Business as Elizabeth Trump & Sons.

Donald Trump was born on 6/14/46. On that day there was a blood moon. Nearly two weeks before, there had been a total solar eclipse.

When Elizabeth died on 6/6/66, Donald’s Father, Fred Trump, was in line to inherit the family business, but since he had no degree, the company passed on to Donald. When he was old enough to assume succession, he removed Elizabeth’s name from the company.

Donald Trump has been a whirlwind in the political arena. Through his avant-garde political maneuvers, he has captured the zeitgeist of the nation. Regardless of how we may feel about Trump, even the tiniest of his foibles become the fodder for memes.

The Holy Bible describes a man that will appear in the end times before the return of Jesus. Is Donald Trump this man? Only time will tell. The Bible’s been wrong about a lot of things.

Maybe Donald Trump isn’t the savior we want.
Maybe he’s the savior we need.

Someone to make us save ourselves.

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