If Things Weren’t Bad Enough

Posted on 8/29/2017 by with 0 comments

The US and South Korea have been practicing War Games for years.

But yesterday, tensions came to a head when North Korea fired a volley of missiles OVER Japan and into sea East of the island nation.

Of course, this caused the nations of the world to put pressure on World leaders to show Kim who’s boss, with Donald Trump famously claiming he was going to waggle one of his longer fingers at Kim Jong Un VERY, Very sternly and declare all options on the table.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, South Korea woke up this morning and decided that they had to blow up some of their bombs, because gosh darnit what’s the point of having an arsenal of warheads if you’re not going to obliterate people with them?

I’m sure now that North Korea knows how upset they’re making everyone they’ll stop now. It’s not like North Korea is actually a rational state that’s being suppressed in the mainstream media or anything. I mean, honestly, if it were that crazy of a country, why would Dennis Rodman keep going back to visit it?

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